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Database Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is probably the most popular method of recruitment. It allows clients a greater degree of flexibility. Clients have the opportunity to interview candidates on a "no hire no fee" basis and even evaluate our candidates against their own or those sourced elsewhere.

Database Recruitment is the fastest recruitment services, designed for clients that are recruiting staff at all levels and are looking to get them immediately. Our database currently consists of candidates at all levels, either actively seeking a new challenge, or those that are registered waiting for that ideal opportunity.

Database Recruitment service starts with a solid thorough specification which we like to take face to face so that we can get a complete understanding of your needs. We like to look beyond skills and experience and look at the background and personalities of your best performing staff, we like to find out information about the values and direction of the business, about what approach works best.

Database Recruitment

In doing so we are best placed to effectively recruit for your business and to get it right! We therefore want to go beneath the surface to understand your direction, requirements and corporate culture and this is best done on a face-to-face meeting in order to set time scales in the form of a recruitment plan and understand your expectation level.

Typically we are able to revert in one working day with a shortlist, profiled, interviewed according with your required competencies and psycho-metrically tested as the job description requires. At this point we will also provide you with a list of interview questions to probe where their personality traits don't quite meet the brief.

Before to propose the staffing solutions our customers, each candidate is carefully passed through several stages of recruitment by one of our professional recruiters. When a candidate applies in our date base, he/she automatically receives just a "registered" status.

Following internal recruitment algorithms and giving attention to every detail, the recruiters are carefully passing each candidate through the next recruitment phases: pending, processed, selected and finalized.

We know that our customer's time is very precious so you will not have to spend your time with all the candidates registered or pending. We will find in our Database only candidates who successfully passed the processed stage. Any information provided in CVs by such candidates was previously checked!

The most of our candidates have worked before overseas using our working programs in USA, Norway, UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Cruise Lines, etc. Beside CVs, we are providing diplomas, qualifications, references, medical certificates, criminal records, pictures or videos from the working place, any other documents upon request!

A fee only becomes payable only when a candidate has passed the trial period. Since we believe in our professional services provided, we are offering guarantee for our applicants and we are able to replace free of charge, any candidates are dismissed based their professional skills.

Using Work Experience Database Recruitment, your staff solutions is just few mouse-clicks away!


  • Our HR consultants will become your personal career consultant, and will provide the highest level of support and guidance.
  • We are experts in the market, connected to the HR industry across the entire European Union and United States.
  • By focusing on the placement of all the major economics sectors, our HR consultants are building the future of each applicant according to its objectives.

Employers and Recruiters

  • Our Focus is to deliver to our clients the most professional and personalized service in the industry.
  • We dedicate all our customers the entire experience earned in over 10 years experience in the East European labor market.
  • We take the work out of hiring the right person for the job.
  • We leverage our long-term relationships with the top talent in the industry.