work experience

Generally, the companies have limited time, money or resources to effectively develop and implement the HR strategies necessary to meet and exceed their business goals and objectives.

Making the perfect match is not easy to do. It takes a lot of understanding of both sides of a relationship to truly create a partnership that works. That's why, before we even think about matching a client with a candidate, we examine both of their needs, their immediate and long-term goals, the kind of work environment they prefer, and the kind of personality that would work best in that environment. Only then can we produce optimum results in every aspect of the placement process.

Work Experience has been making perfect matches between clients and candidates providing temporary and permanent placements in a variety of fields. Because we have a keen understanding of our clients' and candidates' need, we can promise to provide personal, specialized service, quality and economy within an open honest environment.

The element that makes Work Experience so unique is our ability to provide such a wide offering of HR solutions to so many different types of companies. In most cases these companies are not be able to provide these solutions for themselves and even if they were able, it would cost them much more than using Work Experience.

Built on trust and honesty, Work Experience has been providing years of successful placements across the Europe and America, backed with many years of staffing, recruiting and outsourcing HR solutions.

Work Experience is an independent staffing firm that specializes in recruiting and business consulting services. Our approach is both personalized and professional. We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers which allows us to thoroughly understand what their staffing and small business needs are. With a sense of urgency and professionalism, we take on the projects that your company may not have the time to complete, allowing you to concentrate on your company's bottom line.

Client Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide our clients with employees that exceed their expectations when they need them and for as long as they need them.

Employee Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide our employees with personal attention and work assignments that are commensurate with their experience, training and interests.

At Work Experience we strongly believe that to provide added value for each and every one of our clients, we must listen attentively to their requirements and learn. We strongly believe that from the welcoming smiles at the reception desk to the wisdom of senior management, everyone is there to add value and, ultimately, profit to their company. We believe that when a customer instructs us to represent their interests, that responsibility has been transferred to us and we must understand their business goals as well as their HR goals and focus our services on achieving both these goals. Therefore, our objective is to provide what the client wants by designing unique solutions that are not based on a single service, but will typically combine the services of many parts of our organization.

Our common values give us a sense of direction when the climate is foggy. These values provide a framework for individual decision-making at every organizational level and equally pertain to relationships with customers, staffing associates, and co-workers. Our values work in unison to create a company of pride and purpose. It is our dedication and expertise that back these core values:

  • People are the most important aspect of our business
  • Ethics, honesty, integrity, and openness guide our behavior
  • Communication and collaboration is encouraged and rewarded
  • We are committed to exceptional employees, clients, and candidates
  • Every individual is treated with respect