Services: HR Outsourcing

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HR Outsourcing is designed for clients that require all or part of their HR requirement to be outsourced. The objective of HR Outsourcing is to improve the profitability of our clients. This is achieved by providing continuity of service, quality of service and responsibility for performance. Work Experience offers a service that allows our clients to achieve cost savings in many areas; some more obvious like the reduction in the number of staff needed to administer the payroll, recruitment and other HR functions and, in the longer term, the reduction in office space and all the associated office equipment consumables and management needed to manage these staff. Work Experience view the HR Manager's role is in forming and implementing strategy. If HR functions are outsourced, stability is assured and if the level of quality is not good enough, the company can push the outsourcing supplier to improve, knowing that if they do not perform the agreed tasks on time, their contract will be terminated. An outsourcing company therefore is under greater pressure to implement plans on time and to achieve greater levels of quality in order to maintain their relationship with the customer.

We offer a comprehensive range of HR project management, HR management and HR consultancy services that are based on our extensive experience in this field. The range, from outplacement, career management and payroll management for small and medium enterprises to major HR process outsourcing services for large corporations, frees up time to allow our client HR managers to concentrate on essential strategic HR issues for their company. These services are usually offered separately from our regular staffing and permanent placement offering, and are almost always fixed fee-based.