Work Experience Greece

Work Experience offers for any persons between 18-45 year old the work opportunity in Greece. The most of the placements are in hotel industry, 4-5 stars hotels. The employers prefer to hire candidates with previous experience and qualifications but depending on your skills and enthusiams your could get a possition even you don't have a strong career background. If you are willing to gain experience and find out more about the Greek tradition, history and culture, this program could be the perfect one for you.

We have the following vacancies: receptionists, waiters, housekeeper, cooks, babysitters, nurses, etc. The most of the position are available during the summer season April/May until October/November but we are covering also the winter season having contracts with many hotels which are opened during the whole season.

We currently have immediately placements.

The salary received will be 500 - 1500 Euro Net per month, depending on each position and experience proved by the candidates. The food and accommodation provided free by the employer.

Working hours and days off:

Usually there are 8 hours work per day, 6 days a week and one day off.

Travel expenses:

The price of transportation is 60 Euros from Bucharest to Thessaloniki where our partner will be waiting for you.

For housekeepers and babysitters is not necessary to have previously experience, but like a nurse it is mandatory to provice certificate of nursing and previous working experience.

The cost of the program is 295 Euro paid in three rates. The candidates who are eligible to participate in this program will sign the contract with Work Experience and they need to confirm their position by paying the amount of 45 Euro. The processing fee in amount of 90 Euro will be paid when the application is completed. The placement fee in amount of 160 Euro to be paid only after we obtained the contract from our Greek partners. In case we cannot obtain a job offer for our applicants, we will return that 45 Euro without any commission. The period of the contracts can pe extanded without any financial obligation for Work Experience.

To apply FREE in Work Experience Greece program all you have to do is to build your online CV directly in our date base. A Work Experience authorized person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more details or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact Work Experience staff.