Work Experience: Teaching in USA

Now we have the privilege to introduce you to one of the professional program that we promote - Teach in USA. Our exchange visitor program provides foreign nationals the opportunity to spend one to three years living in South Carolina teaching students and enriching South Carolina's school systems and communities.

Through this program we select qualified educators from around the world to teach in USA South Carolina public schools.

As an accepted Visitor Teacher you will receive the following:

  • Free assistance and orientation classes in Romania and USA before the school year start.
  • All the necessary documents in order to obtain the J1 visa.
  • As a first-year teacher, free roundtrip air transportation from your nearest home airport to Columbia, South Carolina.
  • A competitive salary paid bi-weekly with annual wage increases.
  • Free medical and accident insurance coverage.
  • A set monetary travel allowance for travel home during summer holidays.
  • Complimentary tickets to South Carolina Philharmonic concerts.
  • Opportunities to attend four FACES-sponsored parties throughout the year.
  • Interest-free loan for purchasing an automobile and miscellaneous settlement expenses.
  • Opportunity to bring your family with the J2 visa( they will have the right to work legally in US)

Work Experience Teaching in USA: Eligibility criteria

To be considered for the program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

1. Must hold a university degree equivalent to a four year U.S. Bachelors Degree.

  • The degree must correspond to the subject to be taught
  • Degree must contain a pedagogical component

2. A professional level of spoken and written English.

3. At least three (3) years classroom teaching experience.

4. A driver's license and one year of driving experience.

5. Official good conduct certificate from the local police department.

6. General good health.

Teach in USA program is related to the teachers in a variety of subject areas including Special Education, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German, and Latin), Mathematics, General Elementary, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Art and Music.

1. Picture Resume

2. Copy of Driver License

3. Proof of studies and references.

4. Copy of your personal I.D.

5. Copy of the passport - the page with personal information including visas

6. Two passport photos

7. Criminal Record.

8. Medical Certificate

9. Certificate from Romanian Intern Ministry that you don't have interdictions to leave the country!

10. Transcript from the University.

To apply FREE in Work Experience Teach in USA program all you have to do is to build your online CV directly in our date base. A Work Experience authorized person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more details or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact Work Experience staff