Services: Mass Recruitment

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Work Experience Mass Recruitment Service was established as a direct response to our customers’ need for the project management of large and ongoing permanent or contract recruitment requirements.

The Mass Recruitment involves attracting and managing a significant number of applications, according with a large number of vacancies received from our clients. Mass Recruitment is an integrated and complex process having special components that include bigger logistics resources, mass-media advertising, the reception and classification of candidates, implementing an effective system of evaluation and psychological screening.

Work Experience has developed a flexible and efficient fee structure that allows our customers using our Mass Recruitment Service to either pay a traditional recruitment fee or a new and unique recruitment fee, which is charged on a rate per staff member per month and provides our customers with a fee that is linked to the success of Work Experience’s service. This service is part of Work Experience’s broader strategy aimed at developing long term sustainable relationships with our customers by positioning Work Experience as a primary responsibility taker within our customer’s business.

Using this new system of payment, we want Work Experience to be involved as much as possible in the staffing solutions offered, during the entire period of the candidate’s contract. Being always close to our customers we make common cause with them to solve any problems appeared at the working place.