Work Experience: Summer Work and Travel Program

You really enjoy working and traveling in USA? If you are a full-time student looking for a fun way to spend your summer vacation, then Work and Travel , the program of choice gives you the opportunity to spend 4-5 months during your summer break in the USA, doing almost any job possible. Work in a similar occupation to the one you have at home, or work in a filed similar to your field of study, or try something new, the possibilities are endless. The bonus is that while you are working you get the opportunity to experience a different culture, explore a new continent, in a way which would be impossible as a tourist, share their own traditions and culture with people from the U.S., as well as other international students and make longlife friends.With Work and Travel Program, you will be able to use both your work time and free time to enjoy yourself and increase your knowledge of U.S. culture.

Work and Travel program is designed to achieve the educational objectives of international exchange by directly involving students in the daily life of the country during their summer holiday.

Why working overseas? Interested in working and traveling in the USA? Looking for something exciting? Work Experience has the answer for you!

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet like-minded people from many different countries,
  • Be in touch with people from many different countries, with different mentalities and culture.
  • Gain a better knowledge of the American way of life
  • Improve your English level skills.
  • Broaden your mind and become independent
  • Add international experience to your Resume
  • Experience a new culture as an employee, or co-worker, and not just a tourist
  • Enhance your existing work skills, or learn new ones while having fun
  • Earn money to have fun and travel.

The Work and Travel USA program allows you to work up to 4 months (begining with 1st of June until 1st of October) during your university vacations, after which you are allowed to travel up to 1 month within US. You must be available to work for at least 3 months in order to participate in our programme, though. We need to know the start and end dates you are available to work. These dates will determine which jobs are available for you as they have to correspond with those indicated on the Job Description Document.

You have two options for participating in J-1 Work and Travel Program:

  • Independent placement and
  • Self placement.

Work Experience allows students to find their proper job offer for the following conditions:

  • students must find their work contract and employer from USA , the job offer must be send to Work Experience office together with necesary documents that proove and confirm the offer.
  • students who apply for this option are responsable for all the arangements with their own employer.

Applicants who have arranged their own jobs in the United States must submit a written Job Offer Work Experience Work Experience of employment to Work Experience. An official employment offer must clearly state the following:

  • Company name, contact address phone number and fax number
  • Contact name and e-mail address
  • Job type with a short description. Job start and end date (contract duration)
  • Pay rate and number of working hours
  • Housing description

Every student registered on the work and travel program will receive a DS2019, which is an approved document by the US government that needs to be taken with you to the US Consulate when you apply for your J-1 visa. The final decision for approval or denial of the visa is at the discretion of the US Consular officer. In order to stand a better chance of approval the program requirements must be met.

Students can find a job offer by searching on the Internet or by receiving some advices from friends who have already participated in the program.

Work Experience's partners organization in the USA offers the Premium Placement to students who are interested in seeking employment to the Work Experience job board. You can find more detail on Jobs section. The most common job offer position are in turism, hotels, restaurants, entertainment parks and so on.

All participants for the Work & Travel USA program are university students with strong English skills who are authorized to accept employment in the United States for up to 4 months during the period coinciding with the summer vacation in their home country.

Participant Eligibility:

  • students between 18 - 28 years old registered full-time students at a university;
  • students are not in their first or last year of study
  • students possessing at least intermediate, conversational level of English;
  • students are able to arrive in the USA before your employment begins and able to stay in the United States through the duration of your programme.
  • students' passport must be valid for at least 6 months longer than your planned return date from the U.S,
  • students must have a great school results


  • Students enrolled in their final year of study do NOT need to be enrolled in a master's program (as was the case in prior years); HOWEVER, these students may have a harder time proving strong ties to Romania that would convince an officer that they will return to Romania at the conclusion of the program.
  • All first year students MUST have a minimum 9 grade average. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Step 1. Be informed!

Read carefully what Work and Travel Program has to offer you. You can also contact Work Experience by phone or by email. If you are interested to participate in this program you have to submit your resume and the proof of your student status. Work Experience will check then your eligibility and arrange you for an interview.

Step 2. The interview.

Every applicat selected will have an interview with an autorized person from our agency. Have your passport with you.

Step 3. Acceptance.

Once your acceptance has been confirm you have to fill in the Work and Travel registration form, printed and sign by you and submit it to Work Experience office together with other required documents.

Step 4. The Contract.

Work Experience will review your application and we will submit it to our overseas sponsors.The applicats will sign the mediation contract with our agency and will make the program fee payment to our sponsors.

Step 5

Once our US sponsors have found the position for you, we will send you an Employment Agreement form with the job description for you to sign. After you have signed it,and make the proof of program fee payment,Work Experience will issue your DS 2019 form.

Step 6

You need to go to the USA Embassy or Consular Office in your home country to apply for J-1 visa. Buy a return airline ticket with dates corresponding with your employment dates. You also need to attend the orientation during which you will be advised on what to do once you have arrived in the USA.

  • Work and Travel Registration Form (it is filled in online)
  • Proof of student status form stamped by University
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of US visa (if applicable)
  • Picture Resum
  • Job Offer (for Self Placement participants only)
  • Copy of ID card (only for foreign students in Romania)
  • Criminal record
  • Certificate from Romanian Intern Ministry that you don't have interdictions to leave the country

The following jobs are not allowed for Summer Work&Travel Program: domestic labor (au pair/ nanny/ babysitter); medical services (any job that requires direct patient contact or dispensing of medication; camp counselor; crew member on ships or airplanes; teacher, teacher assistant; sales jobs.

Past participants on the work and travel program have worked in many different fields some of which are listed below:

Resort - maintenance, waitron, ski instructor, ski lift operator, golf pro, gym instructor, reception, driver, tennis instructor, basically any position that needs to filled in a resort setting.

Entertainment - theme parks, sporting arenas, movie houses, National Parks, shops, bars, swimming pools, anywhere people flock to be entertained.

Work Experience is looking to place each participant in a job position based upon his/her interest and skills. However, it is very important that you are flexible about the type of work you will be doing.

Second job is not allowed without INS authorization!

The salaries you will get should cover the cost of living and enable you to save some extra money to help to reduce travel expenses.

You can generally expect a 6-8 hour workday and a 5-6 day workweek, 35-40 hours a week. For the most common job positions a student could earn approximately 7-10$/hour. In any case, the students are expect to receive at least the Federal Minimum Wage. This amounts to $5.15 per hour in non-tipped positions and at least $2.13 per hour in tipped positions.

Our partners in the USA takes great care to make sure that all job offers provide a fair wage in relation to the cost of living in the area. Applicant should also keep in mind that most jobs are dependent upon tourist activity.

Employees are generally paid every two weeks; depending on when you start your job, you may not receive your first pay check for the first 3-4 weeks.

If you meet the requirements and you are accepted for Work and Travel program ,Work Experience will provide you with certain basic consulting services:

  • We will supervise all documents preparation necessary for obtaining a J-1 visa, including the DS - 2019 form issue
  • Work Experience provides you only one job offer, which generally includes pre-arranged, affordable housing.
  • Participants in Work and Travel program will get additional information regarding the parameters of the programme and living and working in the U.S, before departing for the United States.

You need to adapt to a new environment, communicate with foreigners, and learn to live independently while being far from home. Work & Travel program can be challenging and rewarding programme, with the right attitude and the willingness to learn and work hard. The knowledge and experiences that you gain from this programme will be the result of your own efforts and enthusiasm.

To apply FREE in Work and Travel USA all you have to do is to build your online CV directly in our date base. A Work Experience authorized person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more details or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact Work Experience staff.


Job Fair for river cruises placements!

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Job Fair for hotel industry in Greece!

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Work and Travel

Are you currently University or Master student? Do you want to reach the "American Dream"? Choose the best summer job today!

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