Work Experience: Work and Travel Greece

Work and Travel Greece: General Information

Work Experience offers for students the work opportunity in Greece. Work Experience programme gives a chance for students to have rest and work all over Greece. We have a lot of work positions available in Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs in Athens, Thessaloniki and islands.

By participating in this program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet like-minded people from many different countries,
  • Be in touch with people from many different countries, with different mentalities and culture.
  • Gain a better knowledge of the Greek way of life
  • Improve your English level skills.
  • Broaden your mind and become independent
  • Add international experience to your Resume
  • Experience a new culture as an employee, or co-worker, and not just a tourist
  • Enhance your existing work skills, or learn new ones while having fun
  • Earn money to have fun and travel.

There are some of our vacancies:

Hotel Staff: Receptionists, Cleaners, Cooks, Barmen & Barwomen, Waiters/Waitresses, Gardeners, Lifeguards, Pool attendants, Drivers.

The legal salary in Greece for students is no more than 20 Euros per day! Please note that you have arranged the accommodation free of charge! You can also win tips and find the second job! The most of the hotels offer 200-300 Euro as a bonus at the end of the contract!

Working hours and days off:

Usually there are 8 hours work per day, 6 days a week and one day off.

Travel expenses:

The price of transportation is 60 Euros from Bucharest to Thessaloniki where our partner will be waiting for you.

The cost of the program is 295 Euro paid in three rates. The candidates who are eligible to participate in this program will sign the contract with Work Experience and they need to confirm their position by paying the amount of 45 Euro. The processing fee in amount of 90 Euro will be paid when the application is completed. The placement fee in amount of 160 Euro to be paid only after we obtained the contract from our Greek partners. In case we cannot obtain a job offer for our applicants, we will return that 45 Euro without any commission. The period of the contracts can pe extanded without any financial obligation for Work Experience.

To apply FREE in Work and Travel Greece all you have to do is to build your online CV directly in our date base. A Work Experience authorized person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more details or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact Work Experience staff.